After 20 years working on websites and computer programs I am surprised things work as often and as well as they do. Of course, if it is your website or your computer that suddenly stops working (usually at the worst possible moment) your heart skips a beat and panic sets in.

With 23 additional years of experience in the US Air Force I got to work with computers & electronics as well as train aircrews in survival. Suffice it to say electronics were more reliable than people. If I could have simply gotten my students to be as reliable as a computer I would have been happy.

Now, that is NOT to say that we did not have periodic issues with electronics and computers! Those things would work 99% of the time. Humans were about a 50/50 split. It is the one time that you want your computer or website to work and it doesn’t that you remember. How often do you get through a day with no electronic or computer glitches and say to  yourself:

Wow, that was a great day! My computer worked all day long. No blue screens from hell or other issues!

No, we do not do that. We only remember when things go wrong. This is why many restaurants, hotels etc get poor ratings. People are more likely to recall bad things and complain.

Today more than ever there are problems with websites. If you are wondering why all you need to do is understand how it was back in the 1990’s. When website first came out they were usually done in something called HTML or PHP. These languages are still used today. However, more and more has been added. If you had a Professional website developed in the past 5 years or so it is likely doing more things than the early days.

  • You can probably edit our own website online.
  • Your website is likely now interacting with your Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Your website is doing the work that Constant Contact used to do by emailing your subscribers when you post something new.
  • If you had an SEO expert develop it then it likely performs much better on search engines.

All this and much more goes into a modern website. Your neighbors, friends, nephews or even print design company is not the person you want handling your website development and maintenance.