Lot’s of customers ask us about computers. Most of us use some form of MAC but always have a Windows machine around to double check how things look in Internet Explorer.

The next question we are asked is what type of MAC do we like. We like them all. However, I believe we are partial to the MAC Mini. The starting price is around $600 for a new one. However, there are good refurbished deals online.

The MAC Mini has more power than your average Windows machine and of course is super reliable. I’ve been running mine for 4 years and there has been little speed degradation. You have to stop and remember that we are power users. Therefore, the average person can expect to double or triple the life expectancy of their computers over ours.

One of the downsides is you need new software in some  cases. If you are a Microsoft Office user you can get Office for MAC for around $99. If you want Microsoft Outlook it will cost a bit more. I stopped using Outlook on my desktop years ago when I was still using Windows. The reason was Windows would have an issue and I would lose all my info.

Outlook.com is a great free resource. If you use the Chrome browser you can get an add on that removes the sidebar ads. This gives you a nice clean view. You also don’t have to worry about syncing your email. It is always available on your PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone.