So, what is the big deal about being Veteran owned? I suppose that depends on your view of Veterans. In my 23 years as an Air Force service member I started to realize something. Veterans view life a bit differently than the average person. It is not 100% true about all Veterans but it is true in the broad sense.

  1. Veterans know how to give and take orders to get the job done.
  2. Veterans have a serious way about them. They won’t be playing games with your business.
  3. Veterans focus on success. Never quit, never give up, never surrender.
  4. Veterans look to service rather than self. We go the extra mile, work long hours and consider the consequences of what we do.
  5. Veterans see their clients as someone that needs protecting. We think hard about your security.

Those are just a few things that come to mind. Veterans are also self reliant. We don’t expect more than we are due and we don’t look for handouts. Everything we do here at LubyG is focused on the clients benefit.